What power do you have as a woman?

Teresa: As a woman, I can truly expel life out of my body. I can feed a living being out of my food, be the first sound and smell. Be the first experience. I can choose to push and breath, grab my baby and put it out. At the same time, where I stand today, I can also choose to stop it, to end my pregnancy. Furthermore, I can also choose to never go through this, to stop my period, my ovaries and my capacity to generate life. I can choose this, without needing anyone acceptance.

All of this is actually just utopian thought I have in my mind. I don’t know if I can give birth until I do. Maybe my ovaries will never work by themselves. Still, only as a woman, I can have these doubts and thoughts. For some will mean nothing. But it means the world to me. Mother pussy!

And what is your super power?

Kajda: My super-power defends me from evil. Cool, right? It’s called intuition, sixth sense or just being aware of what can happen to you, only because you’re a woman. Not that cool anymore, huh? I am sure a lot of women will agree with me though. When I travel alone or go back home from the party by myself, when I am approached by strangers, when I am being catcalled, when I am harassed. This is when I use it and unfortunately it happens way too often. My super power is my ability to sense that something is not right, that I might be in danger, that I should be more careful and only, because of the fact I am a woman, I have to run, hide, stay safe.

I wish I was never forced to use this super-power. I would prefer to have super-power like real super heroes have. But well, this is not a comic book that we live in. Welcome to the real world, big girl!

What sensuality means to you?

Klaudia: When I think of sensuality several thoughts are crossing my mind: intensity intertwined with delicacy, closeness, frivolity. It’s the moment when I am releasing control and surrender to the flow of the moment, allowing myself for full acceptance of who I am, aware of my needs, aware of my desires, fully open for experience and expression free from blockages. People with integrated sensuality are powerful and beautiful. If relationship with someone is giving me a space for expressing my sensuality in freely and comfortable way I know its special.

When was the first time you felt like a woman?

Elodie: I have never felt a significant difference in my body. Even though I remember that in the age of 12 or 13, when I was growing up, my hips curved and I even got boobs. All of that was not very noticeable to me, at least I didn’t think of it that much. The biggest change was the looks of men at the streets. All of the sudden they started noticing me. They were looking at me in the way that I didn’t know before and they did it even in front of my parents! That was something really different. It was flattering and scary at the same time.

Do you watch porn? If yes, what kind? If not, why not?

Joana: I don’t watch porn. In fact, I have never seen a pornographic movie in my life. Instead I prefer to explore erotic movies. I am inspired by cinema as art and porn movies do not match my criteria in terms of story, arguments, profoundness and message. Erotic movies have space for the senses and for imagination.

How well do you know your body? Do you like it?

Kajda: As a little girl I was taught to be innocent and pure, like a flower, like a girl. I was told to be polite, nice, to keep my legs together while sitting in the dress. I have never felt that my body is really mine. Later on, as a teenager when I was becoming sexual, I tried to ignore it, keeping in mind that I should respect myself and my body. And this would mean to remain untouched.

Everything changed when for the first time I felt my power as a female. Ironic as it is, I needed a male to make me feel this way. When for the very first time I felt admired and loved, I gained some power, I didn’t know before. I was not ashamed anymore. I took a few steps back. I spent some time only with myself and my body. I caressed myself. It felt like a gained a body, that I never really owned. And now I love it, I know it, I am aware of it. Now, I feel empowered, confident. I know where my strength is coming from. All women know. Viva la vulva!

How would you describe your relation with your body?

Marina: I was not taught to love my body neither to embrace the wisdom it holds. The relationship with my body has been changing. I remember that when I became a woman in society my body was a piece to admire or ignore based on the pleasure it created for men. I treated it in the way that expected from the society.  For the very long time, I completely ignored my body and the pain it was holding. I didn’t even know my body. It was mistreated without my permission and sometimes even with my permission. I thought of it as a tool for others. Now, I know that it can be a tool but only for myself, it helped me to reveal my path.

Three years ago I finally discovered that my body will become my passion in this lifetime. Now I am working on understanding, through my body and not only through the mind, the pleasure it can create. I am starting to love it, because of its abundance and not because imperfection. I am starting to trust its intuition and I let it show me the traumas I have. My body gives me answers to all the questions I ask about myself.



Many thanks and kisses to Elodie, Marina, Joana, Teresa, Klaudia, Mariana, Natasza. Big thank you to my local girl teams in Poznan for daily doses of inspiration!