About Me


I am Kajda.

And in fact, I am not too serio.

I love taking pictures and while doing so, I am looking for the natural context and genuine emotions. You won’t find here any cheesy smiles and cliche posing. No photographic wonders, no special effects. I work with natural lightning, low-key colors, a bit of grain and a documentary approach. I value the truth of the image rather than digital accuracy, that is why I also work with my analog camera.

Beside, I am a complete travel freak (you will notice) and an irredeemable dog lover*.

I live in Berlin, but my roots are Polish, my soul is Spanish and my stomach is Thai. I don’t know about the rest. I like so many things, I really cannot focus on writing this bio anymore. Harry Potter, sunny days at the beach and old, classical movies are some of them.

Welcome to my photo-world. Go ahead, see the pictures, read the stories, explore!

Don’t forget to drop me a line in case you like it.

See you,


(*To all dog owners in my neighbourhood – I am so sorry, I just can’t stop myself from talking to your pets. Sincerely, Your crazy dog lady)