About Me


I am Kasia.

I love taking pictures and while doing so, I am looking for the natural context and genuine emotions. You won’t find here any cheesy smiles and cliche posing. No photographic wonders, no special effects. I work with natural lightning, low-key colors, a bit of grain and a documentary approach. I value the truth of the image rather than digital accuracy. Real emotions always win!

As a young mom, who is always on the run, I know how fast all the beautiful moments pass. I wish I could hold onto them and keep them in my memory forever. Photography is my way to make the world stop for a second and soak into the moment of bliss. That is why I create photographs that will show the tenderness, sparks and intimacy of you relationship. And I portray or kinds of love stories! Not only the romantic ones, but all the love and vulnerability of maternity time, the raw joy and chaos of your family and also self-love and cosmic power that women carry in their souls. Therefore, you will find here: couple photography, family and maternity stories (especially pregnancy and newborn photos) and female portaiture.

Maybe you’ve noticed already, but in case you haven’t – I DO LOVE SUN. I was probably born in the wrong country, so whenever I have chance I escape to warmer places and among these islands are my favorite! That is why, I try to transmit a bit of this sunny energy to my photography. Even when it’s cloudy, I carry sun in my heart. And I will try to pass it on to you!

I live in Berlin (not always sunny) and this is where I work. But as traveling is my big passion, I am available and happy to work worldwide!

One more thing that you might like to know: I speak English, Polish, Spanish and well, German (still in progress).

I would love to welcome to my photo-world. Go ahead, see the visual stories, explore! Don’t forget to drop me a line in case you like it.

See you,